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Regardless of the type of wedding youíre planning, your age or your budget, your friends and family want to give you a wedding gift. They want to give you something you need and want. You know yourself how good it feels to give someone a gift they really like. Everyone likes to believe their gift is special and wonít be returned after the wedding. Registration, therefore, is a service for your family and friends as well as for yourselves.

Developing a personalized bridal registry list will help you get started on the creation of your new life together. After the stress and rushing around of the wedding, reception, and honeymoon, itís great to come home to the things that will make you comfortable and relaxed. Youíll have the necessities for your new home.

Todayís bridal registries are putting a new spin on tradition. Sure you may register for china, silver, and crystal, but, you will also register for sheets, towels, cookware, bakeware, cutlery, and appliances. The things you need for everyday living. Your friends will want to know your favorite colors, the size of your bed, what pieces of cookware you need, and if you already have a toaster. If you register, youíll get one toaster, not five!

An experienced, professional bridal registry consultant has the product knowledge to help you with your selections. It can be a little overwhelming when three are so many decisions, so many details, and so little time to take care of everything. Itís important that you have confidence in your registry consultant.

Register about 5 to 8 months before the wedding. This assures that your list will be in place before any parties or showers. Most companies will maintain your registry for at least one year after your wedding date When choosing a company for your wish list there are several things to consider. First is customer service. Youíll want your guests to be treated well, and youíll want a positive experience while doing your exchange after the wedding. Next is accessibly. Will it be easy for your guests to obtain your list and the items on it? Selection, quality, and prices are important too.

Make an appointment to do your registry. The Consultant should set aside an hour to an hour and a half for you. Itís best to go in a day or two before your appointment to look around. That way youíll have an idea of the things you want on your list, and wont be overwhelmed by all of the questions. The consultant will answer any remaining questions at the time of your appointment. Thatís his or her job.

Bridal registry is a complementary service. Your time with a registry consult and the servicing of your list is free. It will be the easiest part of your wedding plans, and the most profitable. Remember, choose someone you have confidence in . . . and have fun developing your wish list. Your guests will appreciate the time you spend making their gift selection so easy and convenient.

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